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QnA Session with Tshiamo Modisane: Ep.1

QnA Session with Tshiamo Modisane: Ep.1
[Intro by Presenter]

Tshiamo: hey everyone, my name is Tshiamo Modisane, I am a TV & Radio Personality, celebrity stylist, the host and producer of The Transcript, as well as Luxe brand ambassador...

Mathapelo: how did you get those titles?

Tshiamo: I’m going to talk about fashion – how I got involved in fashion was, growing up, I always loved and was fascinated by red carpets. And I used to sit and watch The Oscars, all the award ceremonies, I’d be sitting and watching the red carpet, and analysing how people are dressed, what works and how the designers put together the looks…….I started working at the age of 13, just a weekend thing at a retail store, which later than I moved and became a visual merchandiser, which is dressing up a mannequin, in a boutique store at Nelson Mandela Square, which then fast-forwarded into me becoming a press co-ordinator at a big ladies store in Sandton called Joe Bugart where I got to meet fashion editors – everyone was coming to get clothes for shoots, and then I met a guy by the name Lindani who is a stylist and he became my mentor. I interned with him. Fast-forward to 2014 I’m seated at the True Love desk as a fashion & beauty assistant editor…. It’s been hard work – perseverance, resilience & determination.

Mathapelo: how would you best describe your style?

Tshiamo: I think at the forefront of my style is, me. I always say that what makes any look is personality, which then is classified as ‘sex appeal’. There are people who wear clothes, and there are people who allow clothes to wear them – and I’m the type of person that wears my clothes- so you see me before you see what I’m wearing. The best way to describe my style is literally organic & originally me. I wear what I want.

Mathapelo: your style is very edgy; you mix a lot of pieces and never combine them – would that then translate into your personality?

Tshiamo: correct. As I said I take risks but at heart, at the core, is the most girliest girl. I love dressing up, I love looking classy, and prim & proper. I love being your typical girly girl. At the same time, I have this exterior that is like, let’s eff it up, Rihanna vibes.

Mathapelo: what do you think are the Top 3 must-haves every women should have in their closet?

Tshiamo: 1. Handbag & Sunglasses 2. A good pair of jeans 3. A statement blazer

Mathapelo: what would you say is a good quote or motivation that you live by?

Tshiamo: so, I want to quote 3 women who have been impactful in my life;

  1. Is by my late mother, she used to say “seng’kgale seng thola morwalo” translates into “whoever or whatever doesn’t want you, is taking a load off your shoulder” – so learn to be happy and make peace with rejection.
  2. By my gran, and my gran always used to say “want not, and waste not”
  3. By poet, author & feminist Maya Angelou, “when someone shows you who they are, believe them, the first time”

Mathapelo: thank you so much, and please let the audience know where they can find you on social media?

Tshiamo: all my handles across social media, Twitter, Instagram, I do not have Facebook – iamtshiamo_m


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