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Ep. 5: QnA Session with Chilla Macame


Mathapelo: Hi, I’m Mathapelo Pitse….and today I am joined by a fabulous, and stylish, and literally my favorite Style Icon – I am going to let her introduce herself

Chilla: Thank you. It’s an honour to be here – so I am Chilla Macame. I’m a lawyer, I’m an influencer and I’m a model

Mathapelo: Tell us more about how you got your job, in terms of what you do on a day to day basis?

Chilla: I’ve always wanted to be a model since I was very young but I did stay off social media for 5 years – so when I came back I was susrprised because everyone was beautiful, trending and popping. So I wasn’t sure if I should come back but it’s what I love so let me do it but let me do it the perfect way – with style & class

Mathapelo: When we sent you our product and asked you to review it, what was your impression?

Chilla: When I saw the email, I was surprised – then I went online and saw it was J’adore. Then I was really impressed…

Mathapelo: Chilla, you are always put together – so how would you best describe your style

Chilla: Well, when it comes to me I like casual – but I have this mindset that because I’m a lawyer, I have to be classic, formal – less sexy but formal

Mathapelo: So, what would you say are your 3 staple items that every woman should have

Chilla: Good shoes. A good blazer. And a good bag

Mathapelo: what is your go-to daily motivation or statement you can share with other women?

Chilla: wow that’s a great question – I think you have to be yourself ,and you will never reach your true potential if you are not really passionate – so do what you love, and love what you do

Mathapelo: …Thank you so much for taking the time to spend the day with us…


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