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Ep.3: QnA Session with Naledi Mallela

Ep.3: QnA Session with Naledi Mallela

Mathapelo: Welcome back to the J’adore D’amour channel…and today I’ve got a special guest with us. I’m going to let her introduce herself.

Naledi: Hi everyone, my name is Naledi – I am a YouTuber and a digital content creator.

Mathapelo: So the first thing is, how did you get your job?

Naledi: …I created my job. My job started with me, and my room, and my camera. Initially my sister and I started as a pair…but it became more of a career for me once I started venturing on my own, and finding myself, and my personality in the YouTube space

Mathapelo: okay, so you record, you do everything yourself?

Naledi: I do everything myself. It’s a lot of investment, takes a lot of time but I obviously invested in lighting, camera – and I can’t lie its been over a series years – 5 years

Mathapelo: does YouTube pay?

Naledi: personally for me, YouTube pays – but it takes time

Mathapelo: you’re always on point with your look – your body shape is representative of a South African woman, and you are so confident…

Naledi: thank you. For me, my style is a reflection of who I am. I can say I am gifted as my far as my body structure is concerned but my style comes a lot from my personality and what I portray on social media. I never want women to think that beauty is being slender etc. when I started the channel, it was also to make the ordinary girl feel confident – I was also never the prettiest girl, but I had to find it in myself

Mathapelo: what would you say are 3 staple items a woman should have

Naledi: 1. A sexy pair of heels 2. A good pair of jeans 3. A good wig (bonus item: eyelashes)

Mathapelo: last question… what is your best quote or motivation you live by?

Naledi: Now I’m going to be truly honest with you, I don’t have a quote that I live by – I took all the pain and the sadness that I’ve been through – most of my story times are a reflection of the sad parts of my life that I’ve taken and found laughter, joy and peace in them. Most of the time we say “laughter is the best medicine” and I have to be truthful by saying I took the worst parts of my life and transformed them – it was brave. It was a huge milestone….

“always remember where you are going. Remember the end goal”

Mathapelo: I love what you said. I hope people get to watch your channel. And I hope you never change, do not deviate from who you are. What you are doing is great

Thank you for coming.


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