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Ep.2: QnA Session with Mpho Tsila

Ep.2: QnA Session with Mpho Tsila

Mathapelo: Today I am joined by a special guest…. please introduce yourself because I don’t think I would do a justifiable job at it

Mpho: ofcourse. Hi guys, my name is Mpho Tsila. I am an Instagram content creator.

Mathapelo: so tell me one thing, how did get into your job? because the job you do is so difficult, you’re always so prim and proper

Mpho: I just started by doing people's hair in High School to make money, but growing up, I've always been into fashion and beauty and when I started, I started doing my make up and I thought it was not yet polished because I wanted it to look proper, then I enrolled with (School name inaudible), I did my make up with them and then I decided to open a Beauty Spa called Elle Vie - Elle Vie then gave birth to my skin care line Lamere. I'm also working on my clothing line. I'm so excited I can't wait to deliver and show you guys my creativity/craft.

Mathapelo: I never knew you have so many facets in business, you're a hardcore business woman. How long have you been in business?

Mpho: I would say about 6 years

Mathapelo: I see your images on social media and just you being in front of me, there's not even a strand out of place. Do you wake up looking like this in the morning?

Mpho: Not at all, it's not possible

Mathapelo: What the viewers and I would like to know is what are the three staple items a woman should have in their fashion closet or in their pursuit of becoming a style icon?

 Mpho: (Inaudible) 1. Handbag.

2. A bit of personality

3. Confidence.

Fashion is about confidence and personality, that's all you need. You also have to be yourself, it's very important to be yourself.

Mpho: Also because I’m all about woman empowerment

Mpho's answer for the 3 staple items is actually "Fashion is dead without confidence and personality

Mathapelo: We all need superheroes and sheroes. What would be your advise or motivational quote that you would love to share with the viewers and people that look up to you, that you feel really kept you going?

Mpho: I'd say visualize your highest self and show up as her everytime. It is difficult because we don't always wake up feeling fabulous, you need to have specific energy to have your day go smooth and to just have a productive day altogether. So you need to do what it is to make you feel good, if it's listening to music , play your music while making a cup of coffee. Have your coffee and you'll be able to start your day.

Mathapelo: That is something I'm definitely gonna try and I am so excited that you were here and really appreciate your beautiful soul. Thank you so much for taking time out to be with us and I hope you'lL come back to the show in the near future.

Mpho: Thank you so much, I will definitely be back soon.


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